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Six criminal officers
Showing citizens of B-Mo no love,
Thugs clad in blue
Coming after you,
An occupying force in your Hood
Dispatched by the devil to do you no good
Will they snitch and break the Blue Code of Silence ,
With the DA will they fall into compliance,
Will the penitentiary become their new abode,
To save their lives...
Will they squeal,
For "A plea or immunity Deal"
Or will the "B-Mo Pigs"
Continue to murder
The Black Masses like the fascist they are,
Police departments across the nation,
Are stacking up more bodies than a Black John Gotti,
Like six rounds of ammunition in the cylinder,
Cops kill more of us than a Black John Dillinger,
It's easy to see,
They hate our kind,
Declaring open season
Solely based on ethnic reasons,
They suffer from lunacy,
It doesn't take much reflection,
All of Europe played a role in the conception,
Thirteen British Colonies,
Bigoted from inception,
Losing the Civil War...
White supremacist xenophobes...
Now terrorist hiding behind white robes,
Fifty filthy states in unity,
White supreamacy has driven them mad,
Black boot,,body armor clad,
Automatic weapons, tanks and gas,
From inceptiion predicated upon bigotry,
Taking names and kicking Black _ss,
Law of the land predicated upon
The false concept of "White Supremacy"
At the sight of the non-white they tremor,
Pull the trigger like Zimmer...
Man, their minds seem fixed in a delima ,
What to do about us....
Should they grow more popular trees
Or, more prisons...
Or, just murder us on the "Reservation"
Or, on the streets...
Open hunting season on our kind
The primary thought occupying their minds,
Will it ever cease
In the West, North ,South and East
The Conferderacy lives


Abu Lateef Babatunde,


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