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Written by Stella Mitchell

May 2015.

What have I done to ease your pain ? - How have I contributed to
Set you free ? - or have I closed my eyes and heart to every tear that 
Falls like rain - from your unblinking - lifeless eyes - what have I done 
To change your destiny ?

Have I walked past the agony that you call home - without a single 
Glance into your wounded soul - or offered you a balm or remedy -to
Take away your suffering and shame - and given you hope - to know -
You could be free from this abuse - and be made whole.

What have I done ?

How can I change what has become your legacy - without uncovering 
Your wounds - and facing truth in all its raw reality - unless I take away the
Grave clothes of regret - that cling like filthy rags and human waste - to your 
Once virgin frame - and set the record straight - that you could be a 
Carefree child - made new again .

What must I do ?

There's only one thing that I can say - to help to take the stain and  guilt
Away - and that is - tell you of the One - who took your agony and pain - and 
Nailed it to a gnarled beam - and with His sinless blood - He broke the curse 
Of Sin and Death - to set us free - from all the horror mankind inflicts -with
Cruel delight - against his own humanity .

Oh God - whose mercy flows into this cruel world - Forgive - I pray - and 
Come into our hearts and wash the stench of sin away - for all have sinned 
And fallen short of Your most glorious name - and followed after idols and deceit -
That only lead to greed - heartache and shame - but - when we turn to You - we
Are assured - that we can know forgiveness and be cleansed - through 
Your most Holy Word .

So let it be .

So - Lord of Glory - reach down through us - into the pits of deep despair - to 
Rescue in Your power and love - the prisoners of hope - that we can see - and
Know - who need a hand to lift them from the chasms of depravity - that hold them 
Bound and in captivity - and make a way for all who turn to You - to be set free - to sing and  
Dance and laugh again - as through a fountain clear and clean - they know - that all will
Be made well - as from the passing of a fearful dream - and living hell.

It will be well. 


There is no situation that we can find ourselves caught in that Jesus cannot 
Save us from to change and heal our lives ...if we ask Him ..

My desire is that all those who are abused and in the depths of despair 
will find the Saviour's heart and hands reaching out to them, to set them
free and heal them with His Redeeming love.

God bless you all 

with His love 

Stella ><



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