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My Heart Takes-A-Pounding....

Things that day on I didn't get to say to Him
Things we planned never done,
I'll never get to accomplish here again
Lost my chances every single one!
Had My Dream Come True
Now can't touch just can't bear,
Had Everything With My Pooh
Now nothing physical left there!
No I don't wallow in self pity
I swallow and choke on every morsel,
the worst kind of misery
I'm 1st in line to have my heart ripped out whole!
And I choke on every word I didn't get to say
They get stuck in my throat,
At least We got to hug and kiss that day
Until life most cruelly sank Our Love Boat!
Now my so called art has spoke
And shone days in the sun We had on this land,
But in the darkness I have grown
Numb Without His Softest Hand!
An understatement I'm Lost
A sin I'm still here,
For with the tide I'm sunk when tossed
By My Side He Should Be To Drown Not Me But Any Fear!
To Say I Miss Him An Understatement As Well
It just gets worse as time goes on,
Every single day I'm in deepest blackest hole of a hell
And no more color to dawn!
SALLY buried deep
only free to weep
Black Holed On Me
 photo 1blackHoledOnMe_zps22rrby0y.jpg
The hole:stars surround so much
But too far away to touch
But too far away to touch
But too far away to touch

Your Most Favorite Instrumental
My Most Special Angel....

Lonely Soul Silver Dove
Pines For Her Mate
Lonely Soul Silver Dove
Pines For Her Mate

All alone by the campfire is she
Dreaming of her lover delight,
Once away on the desert prairie
( With Her Love Golden Eagle shared the night * *

Every night by the light of the moon He would run
Sweet were the moments breathtaking sight
But with the dawn he was gone taking with Him the sun!

A smoke sign arose from so far away
A breeze cried a sad mournful tune,
The brave Golden Eagle was sadly taken that day
{ Had flown to that throne on the moon }

Now even when there's no rain in the sky
She Hears His Whispers High Above
He and his white steed go thundering by!
~with lightning speed~

She'll soon catch that ride dreams are made of
Me The LoneLeeEst Soul Silver Dove
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