To know who are the shaitan.
Binded by chains in the month of ramadan.
I asked the licking tongue of the chewing clan.
He said they are devils who are can only be killed by the brain gun.
With dagger of mind.
Cut theirs throats where ever you can find.
These are the shaitan of limbo.
So repel the with magical chant of abracadabra and mambo jumbo.
When a living man fast it is his living soul suffers as needy.
His ego his desires and nafs suffers with his body.
His greed lust love and hate.
All must learn patience all must wait.
All must learn to wait for appointed hour.
All must wait the butcher the baker and the brewer.
Here body suffers to comfort the soul.
Therefore when doors of hell are shut, and doors of heavens are opened  for as soul whole.
By depriving the life to benefit the dead.
Those who are in Illin Sizzin and in the earthen bed.
And those whose souls fleeting in gushing winds, Under attack of eagles calw.
Or falling in the rocky ravine in the deep bellow.
Those evil atman those evil shaitan.
Those who are chained in the month of ramadan.
And in ramadan when every dead are given ease.
To every hindu musalman shik isahi as Allah please.
In month of ramadan there is no sufferings in graves,
Or illon sizzin or in araf.
Because the living must eat for dead,
The bitter thorns like the mute giraffe.
As elephant's protruding tooth his bite size.
Nor neck of giraffe indicates its vocal power.
As the living man suffers at living hour.
For sake of unseen Allah.
A living man suffering his live hunger and thirst,
For the pleasure of unseen unheard Allah.
Yes this is the Iman,
Can only be attain who follow the Sunnah of Muhammadur Rasulullah.
Sallel la hu alahi wa sallam.        

Circular desires and Cubical nirvana.
Greedy Quran and Generous sunnah.
Wanting of life and Holding of breath.
Without giving leads to death.

Al Quran greedily protects its verses for Muslim,
But not for the Shaitan.
He is even cursed before reading Al Quran.
But sunnah is generous even to thief of shaitan.
So in return shaitan can teach every musalman.
When after getting caught stealing he begged for mercy,
And gave muslims the virtues of Ayathul Kursi.
It is the desire to hold everything within tight.
What lead the bubble to develop all circular all round delight.
To hold all in smallest confinement what leads the square.
To become circular then to the sphere.
The drop of pleasure and pain of human tear.

Circular desires and Cubical nirvana.
Cubical awakening and Circular Faana.
Greedy ego and Generous I.
Live to give or take to die.  

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