Black Flags Still Fly

Black Flags Still Fly         May 9, 2015

On Irish streets black flags still fly
Years have passed, we still ask why
Irish men and women taken away
Killed for beliefs, they could not stay
We remember them all why, why, why?
No clothes, just a blanket, their life they did pay
The Planters came, they made our culture a crime
No Irish rights or religion, stole our land, yours and mine
The struggle continues in the land that we love
The spirit of freedom, the wings of the dove
The street resistance will never be beat
Thirty thousand votes from an H block cell
The Irish people spoke, God Bless them all
The new generation's struggle goes on
In Irish jails, no rights no crime
The children of the troubles accepted the fight
Civil disobedience for freedom is right
The answer is simple, leave our land now
Free the people or we'll show you how
Resistance and freedom a God given right
We have lost our mothers, fathers, family and friend
We will follow their footsteps, we'll fight to the end
We want it now as we continue the fight
The new resistance, the children of the Gael
Walk together as one, we know we won't fail
On Irish streets the black flags still fly
Years have passed, we still ask why

Gerrard McGeachy

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