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a child is born again®

Dedicated To My Adopted Brother
And His Mother
Will 4ever Love Him Like No Other
She Many Years Ago
Heartfully Adopted Me Cause My Mom Left Earth To Go
To Heaven For Me Hurtfully So....

2015 the night before Mother's Day
another child went away,
but Dear Ronnie's now at peace
all his suffering and pain shall cease!
I feel so bad for My Mama2
but know from my worst loss there's nothing....
i can really say or do,
but just be there
and share tender loving care!
And also to celebrate his life with her,
as he tickles Heaven with his angel feather!
And To His Mama he left behind
his legacy will always remind,
her that he's never far
he'll always be seen as a shining star!
Now he can play with his brother up there in the horizon blue
Rock'Em Sock'Em Boo Boo,
cause they'll both be born again
( and hurt no more In Heaven * *
Sleep her children and peace be
with you all thru the galaxy,
and please say hello To Dearest Faron My Greatest Love
{ He'll Now Help Welcome Ronnie Above }
Sending Faron's Peace Pipe To The Hero Wall
From Me Sweet Signals For You All,
He painted it so LovingLee back then
Now it remains as a testimony to The Best Of Men....
SALLY Since Angel Kissed Who
Without Him Bluer Than Bluest Blue

 photo 1pipedLove2do_zpszagd2bky.gif
And give My Dearest Mom a hug
Tell Her She's Cute As The Bug In The Rug
Tell her I said cause of her Mother's Day
Never Ever Goes Away
~Cause She's Quite The Lady~
SALLY That's Her Mommy
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Ronnie Will Be
Flitting Around"Safe"And Sound....
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