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In my dreams the sky is sombre,

The earth arid and lifeless and brown

Scorched and burnt and seared

By the acid rain pouring down.

Coasts have receded

As water has taken the land

New rolling seas where

There once was dessert sand.

All from a climate change 

That Nature began

But very quickly exacerbated

By the actions of man.

The lands are deserted

As man has moved on;

He has reached for the stars,

Packed his bags and gone.

There is life in the Oceans

A maternal soup where it teems

Perhaps in a hopeful  ending

To my strange dreams.

Maybe in a future millennium

In a long distant when

It will burst forth

And take the land again.

A very different Earth

With maybe a very different end,

The New Life not repeating

Old Life's self destructive trend.


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Dreams And Devastation