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* Heaven's Spies *®

He changed my life indeed
till Him was on a downward spiral,
on so much turmoil I did feed
{ He came along and Fed ProperLee My Heart+Soul }
It hurts so much
to write and create in this lonely place,
because I can't see and touch
His Proud Loving Face!
But I just know
He's still proud of me,
Way over the rainbow
He smiles and waits FaithfulLee!
So until Heaven opens up its gates
for me to fly away Home To Him,
I hold onto that Faith that misery hates
that Heaven will welcome me again!
It opened its doors here on earth that day
( the second I looked in His Eyes * *
that memory that promise never goes away
and Heaven still has its Faithful Spies!
On Me They Spy
And Me They So Love,
Making Sure I Fly
With Hope And Soon Again I'll Have Peace Above!
My mind's eye still sees Him in the house in the yard
playing and working away so LovingLee hard,
so cute so sweet
IF ONLY our 2 eyes could meet!
Most Alone:
I'm So Scared Dear
about down the road here,
Please You And God send help my way
so in the only house I've ever known
while here on earth I can stay!
4ever His Only Pooh:You All Know Who

Heaven's Spies
They Can't Disguise
They cry with my every tear!
Heaven's Spies
They see my every move
So my heart can groove
to loving golden feelings here!
Answer For Mercy
EYES Do What They Vow To Do
~Carin Eyes Of FARON~
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And It Began And(Never)Ends
Between The Bestest Of Friends....
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