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*  * the recruiting of a hero true *  *®

Such fighting and killing was going on,
in the dust and the sand and the dune.
Oh how when the wind would blow dusk till dawn,
you could hear a haunting tune.
You could hear it all over the nation,
for the dust had not yet cleared.
Then all of a sudden,
silence as a stranger appeared.
He was covered in blood-shed,
from his head down to his toes.
And what he encountered left for dead,
only he and God knows.
There are people who grip your soul,
and hold it for a spell.
Such was he when looking at you took its toll,
by someone who had just been in hell.
But his arms reached out in kind,
and you didn't have a fear.
Then down his face a proud tear you'd find,
he said to protect you I'm always near.
In the heart of a hero,
not so far from here.
From the enemy we shall be freed just know,
when a hero shall appear!

Now the nation has its heroes
that go off to war,
but there is another kind everyone knows
that grip us to the core!
It's the kind that fills your soul and heart
with an undying love,
no longer on earth you're physically apart
but they still watch over from above!
While they were on this earth
they protected us from any harms,
with all they were worth
you never feared in their sheltering arms!
It's an understatement to say
that I have such a hero,
so 4ever and a day
I'll Salute Him Too Over The Rainbow
{ My Sweetie My Angel In Arms FARON LEE }
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{ My Sweetie My Angel In Arms FARON LEE }
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{ My Sweetie My Angel In Arms FARON LEE }
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