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Happy Hour

The kids are not acting right
 spouse staying out at night
I just argued with my boss
While the company is laying off
With all these bills starting to pile
It’s getting harder to fake a smile
Why is this happening I can’t understand
Looking for an answer or at least half a plan
Since I don’t know what to do
But worry until my face is blue
I’ll divert remaining physical power
And drag myself to Happy Hour
Every Sunday morning at 10
The only place that I fit in
Where I can lay my burdens down
So they don’t follow me around
I’ll dance and shout them all away
Then have great side effects the next day
I’ll look directly at the morning sun
And remember exactly what I’ve done
Some folks go to bars and clubs
But that’s not what I’m speaking of
I have a totally different spot
Where the band is really hot
They play some of the greatest songs
And the whole place can sing along
The Spirit of Peace over takes the place
And tears of Joy run down my face
The message of Love encourages my soul
Again grace has made me whole
Now I’m ready to take on
All that life may bring along
Now fresh and clean as a morning shower
The results of going to happy hour
J. Moore

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Happy Hour