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 The Black Horse, a pleasant East Yorkshire pub in a quiet little village of Roos, close to the seaside resort of Withernsea, hosts open mic nights once a fortnight on a Tuesday evening.  It attracts a huge selection of musicians and styles as well as spoken word performances, in a nice, intimate setting.  And, of course, hosted by the musician, singer, song writer
Mr Paul Costello.


Open mic at the Black Horse

Steph stands ready and willing

To serve the crowd

All standing there milling

Waiting for 

The start of the show

Ably hosted by

Paul  Mr Costello

There's wonderful music

The odd bit of rhyme

And heaven only knows

What happens to the time

For suddenly its eleven

And the end of the show

Time for us all

To Pack up and go

All good things they say

Must Come to an end

But in two weeks time

We'll be back with our friends

For Next open mic night

Waiting for Paul Mr Costello

To tune up his guitar

And kick off the show


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At The Black Horse