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This is the house that Jack built

Every bit of it was nicked,

Every rafter joist and tile

Every single nail and brick.

When you're working on the guvvi

Back pocket, minimum  rate,

Because you're Benefit Suspended

By an austerity driven state:

Missed an appointment

Because they'd canceled the bus

And when you arrived

Your advisor made a fuss.


Didn't really bother

To ask you why

Jusy stopped your  dole.

Classed you as work shy. 

And when they caught Jack robbing

The Court  didn't criticize the stingy boss

Just made a restitution order

For Jack to make good his loss.

Jack did his year in jug

But now he's got it made

Inside an old lag taught him

Rudiments of the Financial trade.

Jack drives a newish Roller now

'Cos he'd learned his lesson well

And the Job Centre Advisor 

Can take his dole and go to Hell.

Jack's accepted by his peers

Now In the local golf club bar

And gets automatic respect 

For the class of his car.

This is the house that Jack bought

At the better end of the property trade

If you flash your cash with ease 

Nobody bothers how it was made,

And the bloke who’d paid him guvvi

Now can’t wait to be his mate

This is the house that Jack had built

On an exclusive executive estate.

Now Jack does his robbing

In a more socially acceptable way

And he just can’t wait to start

Every single working day.






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The House That Jack Built