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 why I oughta®
I have no poetry in pretty pictures this time
I have no music to soothe my misery crime!!
I will keep on writing
I will keep on creating
I will soon tho stop half assed fighting!!
I can't help it if you don't like this
I can't handle not having his hug and kiss
I am more and more slipping away
I don't even wanna go thru motions of the day....

I know others are hurting
I know that full well
I tho can't handle this hell!!
I miss Faron so much
I am going out of my mind
I also need help in so many ways can't find!!
I don't know why I'm here
I see no earthly reason
I just want to go to sleep that be pleasin!!
I have prayed and prayed
I hope I'm not forgotten or betrayed
I keep waking up tho Why?!
I know many love me
I know many cry along
I know many care but Why?!
I know you'll keep praying
I know you want me to be staying
I don't wanna be I'm Not Strong!!
I find my staying here
To Faron+Me and the whole world unfair!!
I lay down to sleep
I pray to stay there
I wake up and that I can't bear!!
I swear if I knew a fool proof plan
I would be outta here
I hope it comes by soon loud and clear!!
I hear some say face reality
I do that's what scares me
I just wish I could live in Fantasy!!
I oughta say goodbye
I more and more die is why
I only have strength to do that and cry!!
I repeat I'm sorry for(your)problems and pain
I know you're sorry for mine but
I say to keep me here is not humane!!
I wanna be gone from here
I pray the final end is near
I will do it myself when it becomes clear!!
I have faith it will be soon
I in the meantime going insane
I want an Out Of Body Reality To The Moon!!
I(have)been at the end of my rope
I feel it tighter and tighter
I back that worst day let go of hope!!
I don't expect any to understand
I am me not them
I know you hold it out but it's not Faron's Hand!!
I am alone in a crowd
I can't handle this world without Him
I don't wanna be here Crying Out Loud!!
I don't really hear birds sing
I don't truly hear music
I don't feel useful for anything!!
I once was thought of as cute and pretty+stunning
I am NOT anymore
I find(to some)looks matter and that does sting
(I feel they shouldn't they're not what we're made for)!!
I fail at spreading sunshine
I try however to bring inspiration
I hurt tho with every graphic and line!!
I am broke beyond repair
I am not worth the powder to blow me up
I however want mercy to care!!
I oughta spare the world and say goodbye
I gotta fully die!!
I am Human SALLY

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