To select the sects of Islam, I asked my walking worm in hurry.
He said very calmly that sects in Islam is seventy three.
And they are Hindu , Nasara, Yehudi, Buddhist, communist and terrorist.
All in Samsara are either Islamist or Satanist.
From Jinn to Adam many prophets came to humanity.
And every prophet had only one duty.
To give Islamic dawah.
And from womb of Jinn to womb of Hawa.
Only one group remained Muslim and rest adopted kuffar.
And when gospel was sung seventy two sects of kuffar,
Shut theirs ears as to repel from what they suffer.
And now as Muslims are born and those who revert.
Yet some of them are Hindu some are Jew by theirs creed,
Muslims only by theirs caste.
And all those kaffirs only make one sect of kuffar.
So seventy three can stand on the hour of Al Hashar.
And they will see people of Madhab.
They greet each other with peace and love.
As one of the Muslim of the singular sect,
And these are the fact of the Islamic sect.      

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