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Lizard Mansions

looking around

I see people with pointed lizard scales
growing down their backs.
I see sharpened lizard tongues flicking
at one another as they are snarling.
Hiss-hissing as they speak without awareness.

I see people snatching food off of others' plates.
Not stopping to consider the use of
forks knives or napkin.

I see puny narrowing lizard eyes
as they size each other up.
I don't see any lizard listening,
ears pricked up in attention
not even a pantomime of inattention.
Maybe lizards aren't adept at
listening, except for detecting their prey?

I see reptilian sneers.
I hear reptilian jeers.
Sense plenty of reptilian snappish attitude.

Gargantuan Gila in blue pinstripe suit and red tie.
Crackle-skinned Politicos pontificating lies.

Monitor lizards on the street
in black and white cars.
While scrawny newts and geckos
are eviscerated,
swallowed by
Vegi-saurs cowering in corners
wearing lizard shoes but preaching
there's a better world in the hereafter

A large spectacle
a coliseum composed of all of Elite Lizard-dom.
Low on the evolutionary scale
but charging high sums
for the privilege of an audience.

So I'm praying for Rabbits.
For warmer blooded furrier inhabitants.
Even for those with nakeded-ness and
frail vulnerabilities like myself.

So when a friend said Lizard Magic.
I'm not so certain
his tongue slid over something or slipped.
I believe instead he
was onto a whole lot of something
more truly relevant.

Jim Morrison may have wanted to be
The Lizard King
but he never lived long enough
to see
the True Hell of it...

January 3, 2018 re-edited for relevance
to today's circumstances

Written directly to the page June 3rd 2015 with no corrections.
Meloo/Melissa A Howells Straight from Her Tilt-a-World
Copyright Reserved By This Author
All poetry/prose/ideas/rants are the expressed legal property of this writer.

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