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A vanishing dream
Lost upon awakening,
Like he who Al-Wadud has forsaken,
The light when night has come,
A bullet having left the barrel of a gun,
To every created thing an end must come,
Forever no thing will last,
Even the future becomes the past,
This fleeting life fades so fast,
Only He ...
From the darkness of night created light...
From clay...  mud
And various hues of soil and sand,
Kun faya kun...
The divine "B"
Willed the first man to be,
Adam and Hawa,
The parents of humanity,
The life of this near world
Mirroring the vanishing dream,
The life of this world fleeting and fading ,
Upon death we experience an awakening...
Part two... Next scene,
Thunderous footsteps as the two approach,
A fear filled internal and external
Trembling and quaking,
As they encroach,
We know it's no dream just a continued awakening ,
And it is perspiciouly clear
That the True Reality is really real,
Senses never more fully awakened
Never before seeing so clear,
Or hearing so clear ,
All senses fully aware,
As Munkar and Nakir draw near,
Like a bullet having left the barrel of a gun,
Your corpse lies like an expended shell casing,
You cannot escape. ..
There is no where to run ,
Death has become your great awakening,


Habib Abu Lateef

© 2015

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