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I want to say thanks and give recognition
To a very special group of dedicated women
Who for years have been serving so bravely

Though they were not on any battlefields
They know each step that was taken by us
They have heard it all one way or another

We seldom talked of things that haunt us
Yet they seem to know of things unspoken
Sometimes we are surprised by this fact

It's because of things said in our sleep
And they were there each step of the way
As we fought the battle or were shelled

How hard it must have been to bear witness
To see their men in their sleep crying out
For buddies so long ago killed or wounded

To hear things that were never to be spoken of
Yet they too now carry this heavy burden inside
And during our restless sleep they held us tight

Wishing they could rid us of these damn nightmares
That continue to torture us still to this very day
They have been through more than we'll ever know

Even those of you who say I've never dreamed about it
Of those past events that took place in your own life
Just stop and take a long hard look at your better half

In her eyes you'll see that she's been there each night
And she has lived through each nightmare along with you
For they have taken each painstaking step with you too

As you start your day today be ever so thankful always
We are who we are today because of these angels of mercy
Because they have been there each step along the way too

ę Terry Sasek - Alwaysawarrior - all rights reserved.

God bless the wives, girlfriends and special ladies who have
always been there in our lives over the past forty-eight years
and have always stood by us no matter how bad it was for us
at times to deal with life or those nightmares from our past.
If not for our angels of mercy many of us would not be here
today. God has a very special place awaiting them in heaven
for having been our better halves here on Earth.

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