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With scent of a human
you don't need eyes to see,
feel around again and again
smell their breath in front of thee!
And you can't dance to the end of True Love
cause it clearly doesn't exist,
when in Your Heart it's been sent from above
{ It's Too Sweetly Angel Kissed }
I have a special friend
that this 4 letter idea came about,
and their meaning some it would offend
so we'll just go My Route!
Mine isn't quite as clever I'll admit
but it works great,
my special friend has such wit
to have our special talks I can't wait!
Well in the immortal words of Mr.Pacino
from scent of a woman:Hoo-ah,
till I fly where I belong Over The Rainbow
I'll TRY to be pleasant with my true friends All Of Ya!
I have so many can't count
but sadly too far away,
I preach a thank you sermon on the mount
for them ALL being there ThenHeaven InHellNow my darkest day!
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