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I have received full apology from poetry2071 aka John and I see no point in keeping two posts about him. I have deleted them. I believe in his words and have put the matter aside. He has promised for a fair contest for the position of the top feedback giver. I believe him.

Poetry Poem has replied. They will watch him closely. I am happy by their decision. Please do not hold any bad feelings for him. He is basically a very good person. No one is perfect and we all make mistakes now and then. Thank you for your response in this matter.
Love and peace


Feedback club is a good concept of mutual help with poetry writing. Feedback helps poets to improve their poems if it is constructive. The rules are simple.

1. Members with the most points are displayed at the top.
2. Members receive 1 point for every feedback given.
3. A point is subtracted for each feedback received.
4. Sites with the "Critique Option" turned off are not included in the Feedback Club.
5. Only sites with poetry are included in the Feedback Club

Many readers have asked me about Feedback Club and wanted to know what happened. I will try to do that without any slur on John's character. He is a gentleman and a very good poet.

I decided to become a top feedback giver after I saw John replacing NANA5 at the top. I worked hard for that and John used some technique that I objected. He used 6 sites to give me feedbacks.

IP: 209\.68\.243\.61 www.poetrypoem.com/poetry2071
IP: 209\.68\.243\.61 www.poetrypoem.com/myownpoems2
IP: 209\.68\.243\.61 www.poetrypoem.com/poetryinmotion4
IP: 209\.68\.243\.61 www.poetrypoem.com/poetryiluvmost
IP: 209\.68\.243\.61 www.poetrypoem.com/poetry2305
IP: 209\.68\.243\.61 www.poetrypoem.com/mypoemsextraordinar

If I received 60 feedbacks from his usual site www.poetrypoem.com/poetry2071 I would have noticed it straight away and objected to it but 10 feedbacks from each site would have gone unnoticed and I would have lost 60 points without knowing there was anything wrong.
Same IP address linked all the 6 sites from just one computer. (There are exceptions like network etc)

John explained to me that he has over 1000 poems and wanted 200 poems on each sites so acquired 6 sites. He used them for feed back because he got carried away. For me this matter is closed. I explained this hear because without 2 previous posts this 3rd post was not self explanatory.

Love and peace.

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