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They looked like couple

But you'd think they were alone

Sitting facing each other each 

Fingering their ownsmartphone.

I saw them come in so there

Was no doubt as to whether

They were on their own, 

No, they’d come in together.

As the open mic proceeded

They seemed totally unaware

Just filling sparse seats, really

They shouldn't have been there.

No conversation,

Just sending sterile text

In such a relationship

What comes next.

Do they ever break off

Between interminable texts

To indulge in the joys

Of uninhibited sex.

Would they interrupt the act

To answer their phone

With a smart mobile

You're never truly on your own

Do they make love by appointment

Arranged by  an S M S

Because its not spontaneous

Is their joy any the less,

At least they didnt quarrel

Or run out of converse

Just ignored each other

Which is maybe worse.

Such a nice looking couple

But no matter how much I tried

I couldn't shake off the impression

They were both  brain fried.

They'd say they were a couple but

They might as well have been alone

As they sat and faced each other

Each fingering their smartphone.

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