once upon a time

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Just a minute, would you stay awhile.
we, you and I that is. We could Sit down 
under that tall tree over there and well, talk.
Thats if you're interested. You are, good one.
Watch you a lot,wondering had you noticed me.
Hmm, yes I have,though it was a bit creepy. oh, but.
Yeah I know, you just want to talk, well talk awhile.
Okay, I love your hair, love your shoes, oh hell I love you.
Whoa I don't even know you. please don't go, stay awhile.
Awhile, if I sit here any longer I'll pass out, or throw up.
How can you say you love me. Because I watched you help 
That old guy yesterday, oh that, yes that, shows you must have a 
Beautiful mind and in the mind and the soul true love dwells. 

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Soulful love