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 To Ride The Unicorn - poems about life - by pegesus unicorn

Memorial Day

                                                                   MEMORIAL DAY

                                                                    I sit here watching the sunrise through the jungle

                                                                    I don't know how long I've been here...watching

                                                                    Like the others...not really knowing what we are watching

                                                                    or waiting for

                                                                    We are all sitting on top of a corpse...but whose?

                                                                    We sit here....as the battle rages on through the trees.

                                                                    We pray we won't have long to wait.

                                                                     I hear gunfire, screams of pain, a moan or two....then silence.

                                                                    Then a chopper flying  low...I watch as a man gently floats down to me.

                                                                    He stands there silently...looking around...then turns to me and softly speaks to me.

                                                                    "Last night?"  Quietly I nod, the realization suddenly hitting me forcefully in the face.

                                                                   He gives me a knowing look...his hand resting softly on my shoulder.

                                                                   "It's over now...your job is done.  Time to go home...all of you."

                                                                   We rise from our vigil...look sadly down at the empty shells, tears of goodbye flowing freely

                                                                   We all ask ourselves...was it worth all this...questions that may never be answered

                                                                   We all follow the light he leads us to...fear a thing of the past...

                                                                   Finding ourselves slowly leaving uncertainty behind...we begin to feel a calmness

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