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The Sailmakers Arms, Old Town, Hull, where for the last 100 weeks musicians and poets have gathered for an acoustic music and spoken word session.  Lasting upto 5 hours with a constantly changing selection of artists the customers are royally entertained for free.  The sessions are organised by Tim O'Connor who leads by example.  Have had the privelege of taking part for the last 8 or 9 months, every few weeks.  A quite wonderful though exhausting event.

One Hundred Sundays,

At least with this week,

Roll up roll up

If it’s entertainment you seek

Sunday Sess at Sailmakers,

Big Tim your genial host,

Hours of acoustic music to

Accompany your Sunday Roast.


The Maestro plays

Holds you in thrall

Big Tim’s music

Just says it all.


Burgess with his wry smile

And sometimes a twelve stringer

Always he’s on form 

And every song a winner.


Adam sits there 

Quietly plays his songs 

He chooses carefully 

So we can all sing along.


So many more artists

Too many to name

But no two sessions 

Are ever the same.


Even sometimes, though

 It may sound absurd,

You can get a selection

Of some fine spoken word.


The ale is superb,

The music is free,

Come Sunday afternoon

It’s the place to be.

Superb music

A lovely Sunday roast;

Sunday Sess at Sailmakers 

 Big Tim your genial host.

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Sunday Session At The Sailmakers Arms