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All throughout our history patriots have left their homes and families
Answering the call to bear arms to defend the lives of others in need
Whether requested by foreign allies or be it to defend our own country

The American patriots have in every single call for help - answered
They have put their lives, families and interests or needs on hold
To take up arms in defense of freedom at any time of the day or night

It is the American patriots who have always led the world's response
And it has always been these young patriots who have given the most
In many cases they lost their lives fighting for a greater purpose

It is especially hard to leave your own family behind to go fight
To not be there with your own family on birthdays or at Christmas
But these warriors are providing the greatest gift one can receive

While missing their own families they know that they are blessed
And that they were born in the greatest country this world knows
It is because they had responded other people will have the gift

So as we enjoy good times and special events with our families
Lets us all try to remember that it's because we have the gift
That special gift that many take for granted every single day

And if you ever forget where and how you received that gift
It is very possible that you and your family will lose it
Thanks to these patriots we are all able to enjoy the gift

So as you sit home in your nice houses with your families
Please remember somewhere out there patriots are fighting
Far from their family & home providing to others the gift

Terry Sasek - Alwaysawarrior - All rights reserved.

Throughout all of history there have only been two entities
who have willingly died for you, your family and friends!
One was Jesus Christ who died for your sins to be forgiven,
the other is the American Patriots who have always answered
the call to defend your gift, THE GIFT OF FREEDOM!  

God Bless the American Patriots who have always
answered the call to defend everyones freedom!  
And may God Bless America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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