Beautiful Disaster

What Do You See?

Pretty girl, pretty girl
What do you see?
I see an ugly girl
Looking at me.
And every night
I get down on my knees
And pray
To see what they see
But every morning
I wake to find
No peace of mind
If only I could
Be so bold
To love myself
But instead
I'm filled with self-doubt
With nowhere to go
No way out
Of the nagging obsessions
That consume
My mind
And break my heart
Thoughts that are
Self-destructive and
Tear me apart
I'm not good enough
Completely unable
To be the person
I long to be
Although I live the life
That I think is right
I live it
With full-out fright
For my heart fears
The hurtful words
Of my peers
But alas I struggle
Because I conceive
The world is plotting
Against me
For what I believe
Although to my surprise
I often find
People in awe
Of the thoughts of my mind
And even with such great respect
I still detest
The girl I see
Looking back at me

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