Beautiful Disaster

In Loving Memory of Rhododendron Louise

A person's a person no matter how small
Even if they're not a person at all
Consider Miss Rhododendron Louise
If you please
She was but a hamster
With nothing to boast
In fact, quite insignificant to most
But if you'd have known her
You would have seen
Precisely what it is I mean.
To say she was “just a hamster”
Is a severe understatement
That would require immediate abatement
More than a hamster, more than a pet
She could help the worried mind forget
Ease the distress of the upset
Calm an anxious mind from fret
Instant friends with all she met
And couldn't totally win any “cutest pet” bet
She was a friend
When a friend was needed
And a distraction
When work overwhelmed
She brought joy
When sadness threatened
Some may say she was just a hamster
But if you knew her
You'd know
That at her core she was
A tiny, tan-colored, fur-covered angel
And under oath, she swore
To loyally stay with her owner
And provide love, comfort, and friendship
Until she wasn't needed anymore

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