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 'Inspiration In Thought'

'No More to Breath'

A tree has died, no longer alive, death came without my knowing,
Apricot in flavor, the fruit it bore, was dense throughout its growing,
But now it's gone, the shade it gave was taken when it fell,
The life within now captured by nature's tolling bell.


The night of rain had staked its claim as through the trunk it swept,
It plotted well, and set its course not caring how I felt,
With moisture paced in line of vision, it might have found it tricky,
And I wonder when the end was near, did it smile and flaunt its victory?


Each year of growth I watched with pride and celebrated openly,
As spring would bring the blossoms forth before leaves would open slowly,
Their beauty never ceased to please, each one a true delight,
The fragrant scent would linger long, and permeate the night.


But now it's gone, no more to breath, or carry on its life,
And in its place is nothing but a memory of that night,
When rains beat down upon the ground like fists of raging fury,
And took the life of a dear green friend without thought, or without mercy.

Rusty Blackwood


~ The death of a tree might seem insignificant to some, but to me the death of one
is as heartbreaking as that of a human soul. A tree, regardless of its specie, grows
for a reason, many reasons in fact, food, shelter, air - life itself, and when that is
lost we have lost more than we realize. The torrential rains of late here in the
Niagara area have been tremendous, and in many ways vicious as though they wish to show
the power they hold, whether it be life, or death. To the direct east of my property,
just beyond the fence, grew a beautiful apricot tree that not only bore luscious fruit,
it lent wondrous shade on a hot humid dayuntil last evening, June 27th/15, when torrential
rain caused it to fall. The earth beneath was plundered to the point where the soil was totally washed away, and
accompanied by wind, it could not survive. I will miss it, and remember it well. ~ R. B.

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