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Abovie Lovie Dovin®

Dedicated To Love
And All That Gobblety Goop,
What Dreams Are Made Of
So Blessed To Be In The Loop!
But My Blue Blue Heart Now To Pen
To Write In Red Of My Heart Broken,
For This Luckiest Gal Tasted Sweetest Love On Her Lips
And Longs For That+The Touch With Her Fingertips....

Sadly in every other song I hear
somebody sheds many a tear
for their baby has passed away
never on earth another day!

In half of the other songs they're cheatin
they can't be content with what will sweeten
the pot
and that's The Lover They Still Physically Got!

And I think long and hard about The Livin I Did
and The Lovin I Never Hid
under a bushel
cause felt with ALL MY HEART AND SOUL!

I think about the whoppin
and the boppin
( and the Love Makin * *
Never Forsaken!

I concentrate on the lovie lovie dovin
{ That Most Special Angel Sent From Heaven }
In The Grasp To Never Escape
all this today's cheatin song and talk makes me go ape!
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My Signature Long Ago:
OVER THE RAINBOW-2happy bluebirds fly....Me+My Guy :+)'s
Can Dream Says....I
I think about Over The Rainbow
I dream to know about and go
Supporting that dream and that's all to fly
Like a most happy bluebird there With My Angel Guy
Up In The Heavenly Sky#M+F
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But I'm Forced To Exist With
The Worst Pain It's No Myth....
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Trapped in a cage
Mapped on every page
Based On True Story
Never More Here In My Glory....
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Here Nobody Can Save Me
But Faron My Best PALLY