ameriKKKa's Most Hated Muslim Poet
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Mournful, woeful, saddened and saddled with grief
Their Independence Day brings us no relief,
Conceived in minds of insanity,
Hearts warped by convoluted vanity,
Brutish perpetrators of crimes
Enslaving and exploiting our kind ,
Takng us from standing perpendicular
Bowing dow before Allah in particular,
Into the depths of the dead level,
Psychologically attempting to peddle
Through, deceit, terror and torture
A belief in their trinity,
Teaching that white face is divinity,
Calling us to Shirk
As they do the devil's work,
Degradation, day to day humiliation,
Social underclass chained as chattel,
Against the devil we are locked into battle,
Forced through physicality to build their nation,
Incarcerated on cotton and tobacco plantations,
Robbed of religion, tongue and name,
Of past glory and yesterfame,
Indeed a lugubrious state,
Victimized by progenitors of hate,
Their fouth of July finds us with nothing to celebrate,
A new millennium...
So be done with him,
Realizing how your true religion, tongue and name was loss,
Get down from his cross at all cost,
Stop identifying yourselves with the surnames of
The evil slave masters,
Because you did'nt crawl from the caves of Europe
Nor, is your skin unbaked like alabaster...  
Stop commemorating the white man's ancestral family names,
Wakeup and escape the matrix of hate tricks...
By reclaiming your original names 
Stop glorifying and attaching youraelf as property
To what the slave masters had once laid claim,
Stop using the white man's ancestral name as your name,
The road to your independence will come
When you reclaim your true religion,name and tongue,


Abu Lateef Babatunde

© 2015

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