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The day started out so nice
then fate's knife just took a slice,
not in the back but right thru my heart
from then on more and more torn apart!
The tension in the air
can cut like a knife,
pain beyond compare
so called life....

Then it was nearing spring
flowers soon to wake up when birds sing,
there was music all around
the bunnies danced on the ground.
Then her happiness became like a leaf
stolen in the wind that thief,
once crisp and vibrant living full
suddenly blown away the wind most cruel.
So came an early fall then never did spring forward....
Once shown to the world such a vision
with a glow to reach up to Heaven,
but march it did leave a shattering blow
leaving her alone bare and beauty spring will never know!
( SALLY BLOOM in sunshine once did grow * *
And How And How We Did Bloom
The Two Of Us The Two Of Us....
The Earth Hardly Had Enuff Room:
 photo 1beautifulGlow2_zpsfhflynfr.gif

Paul Played On Due South Young Strappin Benton Fraser Canadian Mountie
And Actually Canadian Now That's A-Country
That Knows How To Export Just Sayin
And Voice To Match That Cutie Pie He Was As Himself Portrayin!
Now FARON+ME Are Gonna Ride Forever That Dream Cloud
Ya Can't Keep Soul Mates In Cages For Crying Out Loud....

Actually Faron was a babe in the woods tho 26 in years
but gave to me his manly Leather to embrace
innocence inside given without fears
And willingly stripped of my seemingly frilly Lace!
Little Eagle My Spirit Name
{ Willing To Fly Free Heart And Soul One In The Same }
Now a thunder cloud I need to catch
And Storm The Heavens For My One And Only Love Match....

 photo 1cloudThunder_zpscnrdfoab.gif

 photo EaglesAndHorsesPoem2do_zpswrrqvoos.jpg
I wanna fly with the eagle
Up High lift my tortured soul,
Then my heart can be free
Myself again I can be!
Many The Plea Of SALLY

We Sadly Lost Dear John Denver At Not Even 54
But His Powerful Loving Messages Echo By The Score!
 photo 2gether4ever2do2_zpsxoqohzsr.jpg

 photo 1frostyPoemSmokeyDo_zpsdjeuf0je.jpg
^In Fantasy^
But in reality(I'm)the barren desert dry
body alone to lie,
no physical love to rain down on me
no comfort only misery!

 photo 1barrenMeDo_zpsafmqgqhw.jpg