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Troubled Waters

God spoke to Noah as He is speaking to me and you
He informed him of his anger and what He planned to do
Mankind has forgotten Me, all that I have done
So I will trouble the waters for every single one
Noah listed to the voice of God and believed what he heard
In reverence of Gods instructions he followed every word
Build for you an ark He said, wood and pitch inside and out
Although no clouds gathered for many years, Noah didn’t doubt
He prepared; moved by Godly fear for troubled waters to come
He would persevere ridicule and scorn from nearly everyone
10 years, 50 years, maybe 100 years went by
And still no flood waters came rushing from the sky
But Noah walked by faith that Gods word was true
He continued earnestly in the work he had to do
And when the day came for the clouds to burst apart
Noah and his family were preserved aboard the ark
God speaks to us today has He spoke to Noah then
And informs us that His wrath will soon come again
Mankind has again forgotten Me; all that I have done
But this time I will send fire to consumed everyone
The ark was a symbol of a greater escape for man
Long before he fell I forged salvations plan
The trinity represented in the three levels in the ark
One door to represent one way to give God your heart
One window to represent the one and only true light
When the waters of wrath were released the ark took flight
From generation to generation this love story has been told
Of hands of grace and mercy for all who will take hold
A Savior born, a Savior died, and a Savior rose again
A bridge to walk across Hells Lake of death and sin
Will you hear the voice of God, believe what you here
Prepare for Christ return to earth; walk in godly fear
Persevere ridicule and scorn like Noah had to do
 By faith declare through your life Gods word is true
Will you gather all his creation, so precious in His Sight?
Have your lamps trimmed and burning for that faithful night
Place for feet upon the ship or upon the shore
You really can’t afford to be “lukewarm” anymore
Troubled waters are stirring up, the results are all around
Will you board to ark enteral or be left to drown
J. Moore

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Troubled Waters