Self Truths


I feel like I'm drifting through the years
I left you so far behind to forget all my tears
You fed the fire I fought so hard to choke
Despite your best efforts I still put it out
The rush your fingers on my skin caused has faded
I stand taller than the highest mountain
Proud of who I have become
I see you wandering in this life not quite knowing your purpose
But she stands with you and makes you smile
I saw that joy before and its a glimmer of a memory
We shared those moments once before
I wish I was not a lonely Wanderer
Yet that is my fate since that day
I've grown into so much more
Nothing you ever did hurt me
It only made me stand back up stronger
I am so filled with Love that there remains no Hate
And yet Love still hides from my side
Is this a sign, should I be searching?
Or am I lost waiting for Love to find me
You made me stand up for myself
You showed me that I cant simply do what you want for happiness
I have my own happiness and what it needs is not you
I have no more remorse for the days I gave you
I am not a Wanderer any longer, I am a Seeker
I do not go on without purpose for my purpose is me

Thank you so much for showing me my darkest secret

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