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Dark Corners

Dark corners they scare me the jam of
The door, eyes on the ceiling are watching
For sure, and what’s in the wardrobe to
Cause it to creak, and why is it waiting
until I’m asleep?

Will it come out when I’m unaware, float
Over my bed or sit on a chair, poke at my
Tummy and tug at my foot, and be back in
The wardrobe before I wake up?

The carpet is lifting perhaps it’s the wind,
Perhaps it’s a spectre that someone let in,
Perhaps it’s a sign there’s a phantom about,
The candle it flickers ‘Oh please don’t go out.’

Now that I’m older I’m no longer scared,
The wardrobe is empty there’s nobody there,
Ex…cept when the moon shines as night closes in,
When the creaking gets louder and louder again.

© Joseph G Dawson