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In caring Britain
Austerity rules
Overseen by rich
uncaring political fools.
The Civil Servant overworked 
And underpaid oversees the law
Faced by the Private Sector
Generally paid so much more
And profit is profit so he
The Civil Servant has to fight
Against the Private Sector
And all its Legal might.
They recruit the best
To use the law
To screw the rest.
And lo
It came to pass
The Law is
Regarded as an ass.
And so 
The Law Maker
 Faced against
The Law breaker,
in the end,
Maybe in despair
changed his job
To go work there
In that private sector
Advising them how to break
Those very laws that he
As a civil servant helped to make.
In caring Britain
They call that Enterprise
Which fits in quite well 
With those Politicians' lies.

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