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May the Most Merciful forgive us our iniquities,
Our fits of vanity, arrogance and all manner of sin,
May Ash Shareef protect us and increase our belief in Him,
May the Author of Peace cause our aniexty to cease,
Letting us experience true bliss...
By bestowing upon us ... Peace,
May Al-Qudus make it easy
For us to cut this dunya loose,
Not desiring the undesirable
Nor, becoming worshippers of faloose,
May Al-Ghafoor forgive us our iniquities,
And spare us from the consequences of sin,
Keeping our feet firmly planted upon the Siraatal Mustaqeem...
As we give all praise to Him,
Please grant us wisdom O Al-Hakeem,
Thank you so much
For giving us Muhammed and Al-Deen,
Spare us from the punishment of the grave
And for the times when we misbehaved,
Please Al-Kareem
Let us be of the Illyeen
Drinking from the Spring of Tasneem....


Habib Abu Lateef Babatunde

© 2015

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