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You took my son from me
I know
You don't care
As I read about
How you're such
A good mom
A good wife
You're a selfish mom
You're a selfish wife
To me
You're a back stabber
Nice to a person's face
Then talk bad about them
To your Holier-Than-Thou parents
You say are such good people
While telling the world
My son comes from a broken home
While you had the Kingdom of parents
Until you get sick of them
And talk behind their back
I wish my son leaves you
As soon as possible
You will always be a thorn
In this mother's side
With your I'm-better-than-you attitude
You make me sick
You cheated on my son
With someone who is dead now
And you say on your blog
How you hate cheaters
Don't you consider yourself one?
Think about it, mean girl
You're as rotten as the unrighteous
To me
I will never trust you
I will probably never be a family
Member in your family again
Because your family is so much better
Than the one your husband came from
Your parents never went to college
They were handed their business by family
They didn't struggle like this single mom
Without a dime of child support
The only reason I see you wanting
Five damn kids
Is so you can suck my son dry
When he leaves you, baby maker
You anger my heart
When I think about you
Never working to support those kids
Leaving it all to my son
While you sit on your backside
Watching TV screaming at him
For ignoring you as he plays games
You don't get it do you?
It all for his kids
The kids you forced on him
So you will never have to work
Just him
Year after year
Until he's dead
Giving him no choices
To own a motorcycle again
To even look at other women again
You're ugly on the inside
And it's the kind of ugliness
Your son's and daughter will come
To know as they grow older
And disown you as my son
Disowns me
Your marriage is cursed by
Your husband's mother
But you don't care
As it's all goody-goody in your
Fake life
And it's easy to blame
Your husband's parents for the
Way he is
Perhaps he's the way he is
Because you're the way you are
A loser in my eyes
A cheater in my eyes
A mean mother in my eyes
Tired of being blind
To your ways
I shall write hateful poetry
About you
Until God kills me
For not forgiving you
The way you cannot forgive me
You took my son away
Then blame me for the way he is
Take a look at yourself
As you are the stuck-up snob
You were raised to be
Better than all others
The best of all mothers
You turned my son against me
And without me
You would not even have him
He would have not been born
He would not have to listen to you
Cut him down in front of me
You portray one thing to the world
Another in real life
Fake as they come
That's you
Stealer of so much
Go kiss yourself
Since you think you're so good
And I'm so bad
You never helped anyone in this life
But your own sweet buttocks
Not a nurse
No college
Just some crazy woman
Trying to keep my son
By having child after child
To trap him
I feel sorry for both of you
Get some counseling
You both live in a fake world
As it's not all peaches and cream
When you have a mother-in-law
As though me
Who will eventually get sick of your
Conniving ways
And write some horrible poem about you
It's what you deserve
Since you think you're better than me
Get off your high horse
You need a few rolls in the cow feces
To get down to my level
But you won't
You think you're too good
But you're not
You're just a wife
Who's husband supports you
So you can sit there
And scream at him at night
For your frustration of
Being so lame
Get a clue
Ms. Perfect
You suck!

7/14/2015 2120 cj

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