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Feedback Fever

How did I do? I don't know,

Did my best, but could I do more?

Did I wear the right tie?

Did my shoes please your eye?

I can't rest 'til I get your reply.


I might sell a teapot on eBay,

A fuss must be made straight away,

What a wonderful chap, here's my lovely feedback,

I'll be back to buy more

On pay day.


I've a duty to please all my peers,

I'm mumbling and bumbling with fear,

Did I bomb at the bell, or did I do well?

Please tell me,

I'm waiting to hear.


I can't make a move without feedback,

It's the food and drink of my life,

I must know for sure that you liked my rapport,

Please guide me,

Or I won't survive.


I can't do a thing without feedback,

I must have approval forthwith,

To get through the day,

I must hear straight away,

Of my brilliantly talented gift.


It’s a cognitive quirk in my psyche,

I've had it confirmed at the quacks,

I've been to my shrink,

But he can't do a thing,

'Til he's read his feedback and relaxed.


© Joseph G Dawson