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 iCry:` `( ToBeWithFaronWhoseHomeIsNowInHeaven

Then BubLee Years Now Doubly Tears®

I'm not a rock I've got a heart to bruise
but obviously meant to be alone
so gotta get used to being skipped over like a stone
and tossed aside like garbage and an old pair of shoes....

If I could I'd cut
out my own heart
to escape the pain but
kinda useless to do when already ripped apart!
The feathery wings My Truest Love stay on to
tickle your every fancy,
just drop towel for My All Over HeavenLee
and for me to WOW you!
I still see You Waiting
for me to join your bubbles your lather,
it's in my dreams BUT NOT compensating
Having You In Reality Well Duh I'd Much Rather!
It's not any lesser crime than treason
for a heart to be expected to bow out,
to accept the end of sweetest love making season
that's not what my heart's about!
This Pain Is The Worst
It's Just Unbearable,
He Being My Last,My Everything My First
Real Love To Make Burst My All My Whole!
Years To Tears®

I'm seventeen for a moment
caught in between Heaven being Sent,
but I'm only dreaming days
and nights to where you are My True Love counting the ways!
I'm twenty two for a moment
closer to Heaven being Sent,
feeling a spark
making my way out of the dark!
Seventeen there's still a world of chances to choose
more to win and not lose,
seventeen oh to go back to this time priceless
still had a hundred years to look forward to Most Precious Bliss!
I'm twenty four for a moment
There's My Man Heavensent,
our whole life on the way
side by side 2gether come what may!
I'm fifty three for a moment
( He's Still In Front Of Me And Time To Be Spent * *
Had no idea headed for worst crisis
And all the moments to miss!
Seventeen there's still time for you so dear
time to buy and time to lose yourself it's clear,
within a shooting star
seventeen happy's still headed where you are!
So much time goes by
Suddenly you're left to cry
Another blink of an eye
Sixty years is nigh
The tide is getting high
Still here asking why!
But dying for just 1 more moment
With My Man Heavensent,
But at fifty eight I still feel His Love Coming Thru
And in dreams I'm twenty four again for a moment....
{ Kissing That Most Special Angel Heavensent }
He laid his body on mine and Truest Love Came Thru,
We made best use of our time and were/are most true!
For as long as his love's mine it can stand the test of time,
And the cost is too high not to love Faron Lee till I fully die!
Walked the firing lines with the power of two
Never doubt to work out,
And the time that we did share was Most Rare
Time running out if we only knew!
One can not just bow out gracefully
And accept not being able to touch,
What the body most wants to love physically
For to have emotionally what the heart wants the most so very much!
SALLY Had Ecstasy
 photo 1affectionHeavenLee_zpsbihprqeu.jpg
Oh Memory Tug At My Heart So:Rub-A-Dub-Dubba,
Talk About Hubba Hubba
my Chief concern
is that these memories burn
Hotter Than Ever
Burn Out Never!
 photo 1sexyBoyWasAllMine_zps0dh8ucnk.jpg

The guy exudes true charisma
He's a combination of Tarzan and Elvis Hubba Hubba,
The reason he's in this poem
Is frankly cause even some things scare such a big un!
SALLY Admires Billie

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