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I recall this Cathedral the first time I lit a candle here
Nearly 20 years ago, tattered and worn and faded
Filled with desperately poor souls searching and seeking
Today new life, new paint, new Pope
The ancient chandler has been washed and sparkles
On the freshly gilded gold around the alter and the arches
And I think of the paradise felt in the ancient churches
Where the faithful followers of Jesus would celebrate
The risen spirit who had reopened the doors to Eden
And today I saw something I have never seen before
The priest sat in a chair next to the altar to speak his homily
Talking as a kindly father telling of the wisdom and love
Of his teacher who taught us to live in the Kingdom of our hearts
Not in the Kingdom of this world and I marveled
Riding the trolley back home to San Diego I talked with a young teen
Who told me his story of finding a job and being homeless
After a lot of stupid mistakes but being determined to make it
I gave him my jacket because his night in Paradise is going to be
A lot colder than mine