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I was a Corporal, he was a Major

I saluted and called him sir,

Showed him due respect

Before taking the proffered chair.


I was a parishioner, he was a priest

So I thought I could expect

That my beliefs

Would be treated with respect.

But he was more an officer

Than a priest

On this occasion 

At least.

Being a Yorkie

Not exactly a yob

But with the Yorkie

 Ever open gob


I challenged the validity

Of his role:

Was he an officer

Or a saver of souls?

Didn't he

Just a little bit

Have trouble with 

Making both roles fit.

He thought I was insolent

Just wouldn't see

These questions of faith

We're important to me.


Nothing he said

In anyway eased my doubt

As the priest lost control

And the officer threw me out.

I showed him respect

As I rose from my chair

Saluted as I left 

And said thank you sir

He showed me none;

No compassion or concern,

Just a self righteous bigot,

Would he ever learn.


I was a Corporal he was a Major:

 I still found it rather sinister

He could reconcile the roles of

 Being both officer and minister. 

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A Question Of Faith