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 iCry:` `( ToBeWithFaronWhoseHomeIsNowInHeaven


I'm only 58 just how long here
am I supposted to stay totally alone and in fear,
how long with nobody to spoil me and to spoil them
just pain and misery times ten?!

I don't want another man My Love
but can't have You way up above,
need somebody to hold tho
please forgive me for wanting it so!!
I'm so lonely you can see
that it's killing me,
not to be able to touch You
if held by somebody else still be blue!!
But it would sure feel good
to think I could,
be loved again physically here on earth
that's IF-I have that worth?!
Could I:Would I jump in front of a bus
Sure Could Sure Would but nobody wants to hear me discuss
that kind of talk they turn a deaf ear
well then Me they don't wanna hear!!
Cause that's who I am anymore
in pain since You walked out the door,
and that You never came back breaks me apart
surprised there's anything left of my heart!!
But there is and it's so open
wanting so much love to come in,
never anymore like Yours/Ours Most Rare
but still room for Love There!!
Please forgive me for wanting it so
feel so guilty like cheating You have to know,
But Lonely For You Is Killing Me
But Lonely For You Is Killing Me
Can I At Least Be Loved Be Held Be Touched By Some-Body
Can I At Least Be Loved Be Held Be Touched By Some-Body?!
 photo 1haloWorn_zpsagorlsw8.jpg

Well cruel time hauled Paradise away
But my ashes be scattered over the memory soon1sweetest day,
Right now both my feet in the grave
For that kind of sleep is my best save
For that kind of sleep is my best save!
It Bears Repeating
Waiting For Mercy To Sing To Me....SALLY
In The Meantime
Pleaseeee Let My Heart And Body
With Another With Hugs+Kisses+Love Rhyme

Before he met me I only dreamed to be
a princess,
I was catching frogs and magical kiss escaped me
but I was taught to dream and go for bliss!

Ah Yes I believe in fairy tales
and I believe in the magic of the miracle,
I believe in sweetest dreams like bedsheet sails
because I rode them for 29 Years With The Most Special Angel!

Before we met I saw Most Precious Faron on a cloud
He blessed me in Hope's Name and I patted Him on His Wings,
and before we got 2gether I heard Him whisper so loud
you deserve to be held and touched and captured by Love's Sweet Things!

And Now He Whispers.....
Don't ever feel guilty for wanting to have+feel Love
on a feather bed to lift you high,
arms to hold you and Love to be made I wish from up above
if(you)wish pretend it's me cause I can't bear to see you cry!

And I Still Say....
I feel guilty
for having the thoughts even,
but so lonely
for somebody to hold I'm pleadin
FARON+SALLY Hearts+Thoughts Sharin

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