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     To understand the New Reformation
     You must first understand who you are
     You are a 21st Century human being
     Who knows the earth turns and travels
     In a great cosmos with seasons
     That can both nourish us and deprive us of life
     And that there are unseen worlds of microbes
     And atoms and molecules that dance a dance
     On which our dance depends and some times
     Their dance blesses us and some times they curse us
     Darwin was no less a prophet then Isaiah
     As he watched the miracle of evolution
     Nor was Einstein less then Ezekiel
     When he saw the chariot of energy
     And the new world of the new prophets
     Burst upon us with technology, science, media
     And all the same old problems now amplified
     Like the thunder of an angry god
    But the New Reformation is not about an angry god.
    It is about the better angels of our nature triumphing
    Over the demons who we have asked to dance with us