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I got love

I got love, to fascinate your heart,

I got lips, a good place to start,

I got dreams, for casting over you,

I got a magical spanner,

That's better than a hammer,

For tightening my arms around you.


I got touch, to let you know I'm home,

I got thrills, for when we're on our own,

I got fire, for when I'm kissin' you,

I got a magical spade,

I got it specially made,

For digging in and lovin' you.


I got looks, for when I'm courtin' your heart,

I got style, for when we're walkin' out,

I got tears, for cryin' over you,

I got a magical driver,

An' heap of special pliers,

For tuning-up my love for you.


© Joseph G Dawson