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 You don’t know me
Callous, careless, love

Well, you don’t know me,

I’m the man without a name,

Slippin’ in for love at night,

Slipping out again.


I call around midnight,

Come sneakin' up the stairs,

I'm yours for 90 minutes,

Then I'm anybody's guess.


Don't call me I'm too busy,

Don't hang around my car,

Keep walking when you see me,

Don't look my way at all.


Don't tell my friends you know me,

Don't sit next to my wife,

Don't call me at the office,

I don’t want you in my life.


Don't want no complications,

I got no time for grief,

If you want it you can have it,

But the rules are down to me.


© Joseph G Dawson