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As I lay here trying to sleep
This big thing is my mind
How should I go about things 
What should I tell you this time. 
Is it time to spill the beans 
About the one that hurts the most
Once I start with telling you though
Could our friendship be toast
I just can't seem to relax
As I'm laying here in bed
This thing is killing me 
As it's rolling around my head
Some day later you will know
What has caused me this pain
I hope you understand why then
My mind will be totally drained
I wish I could just tell you
This thing that's from my past
I'm so scared and worried 
Our friendship may not last
So let’s get down to it
Let’s begin this hard talk
I'll understand it though
If you just need to walk
Someday soon you will know
The reason for this pain
My whole life will be different then
As I release this awful blame

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