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As dark as top soil,
Brown in hue like the Earth,
The Hue Man…
Blessed to be highly melanated,
Valued for our worth,
Descended from a people
Who are darker than blue,
Humble and in full submission
We bow down before you,
Grateful O Allah
For the dark pigmentation of which
Our folks abound,
Every shade of yellow, red,
Tan and brown,
From Sudan to the Futa Jallon,
We have traversed the Earth,
Establishing towns and homes,
The Caribbean and beyond
You find our kind,
As brown as the Earth and worth,
Our weight in gold,
Allowing us to follow the guidance
That can save our souls,
The aboriginal of the Solomon Islands,
Australia and Viet Nam,
Masters of civilizations,logistics and
Land and sea navigation,
Cartographers of the planets and stars,
Recipients of knowledge descended
From afar,
In Indonesia, Malaysia and throughout
The Far East and Western Asia
We have build Masjids for sujud
And your adoration,
We bow down in gratefulness
And humility
For all the bounty granted us from Thee


Habib Abu Lateef Babatunde


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