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The True Meaning Of Easter

Is Easter really for the candy bunnies that we want to eat,
Or is it all about the nails in his hands and his feet?

Jesus really gives us all the chance every single day,
Just to open up our hearts and go to Him and pray !

Is Easter really about all the colored eggs we get to hunt for,
I believe it is for the intense pain that Jesus choose to endure !

Jesus didn't have to die for the whole world including you and me,
Why did He do this unbelievable thing is what He wants us to see.

Is Easter about all the baskets and candy that we recieve,
Or do you think it's about the Love of God we can have if we just believe?

Don't you think He loved us a whole lot to die for you that day,
Jesus looked to the heavens to ask God to for give them is what He did say.

Is Easter about how much you get to see your earthly Family,
Or is it really about the forgiveness of our sins that He paid for at Calvary?

The Love of Jesus is something that is unreal for me to believe,
That is how Jesus feels when a lost soul is saved, He is full of relief !

Is Easter ever going to be celebrated the way it should be,
Or is it always going to be about candy and the Easter bunny?

He gave up His life for all of us that we may have the chance to live,
That is the reason that Jesus did die, for our lives He did give !

Is Easter finally going to be special inside you this year,
Or are you going to ignore the meaning of Him shedding each tear?

Will we ever get together and thank Jesus for all He did on Calvary,
Or just walk around and act like there is nothing we have to say ?

Is Easter going to get you to really understand someday,
That God loved us so much He sent His only Son for our sins to pay !!

©BJ George 2003

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The True Meaning Of Easter

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