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Government sanctioned mass media …
Mind manipulation,
Designed to create confused hearts
And psychological consternation ,
Vacillating thoughts,
Mine in a schism,
The poor and uneducated become
Hoodwinked by the false deity of patriotism,
Brainless recruits clad in combat boots,
Murderers who win rank and medals
For the people they kill and land they loot,
Minds controlled
As they do as they are told,
The works of Shaytan come into fruition,
The devils disciples are spineless politians
Controlled by chumps like Trump,
Fat overfed cowardly entrepreneurs…
Pimping employees as though they were whores,
Minds of the masses manipulated
By media bosses
Who keep minds incarcerated
In prisons of misinformation,
Devil Dawgs and Dawg Faces
Return from war and go stright to prison...
Minds and morals in a schism
The price they pay as Gangsters for Capitalism,
Wall street racketeers and queers
In Armani suits
Never gear up in Camouflaged fatigues or combat boots,
The poor enlist to fight the battles of the rich and super rich,
Willing to pay the ultimate cost,
Lives lost …
As the politicos and wall street racketeers
Style and profile suited up in Hugo Boss,
Bank accounts blowing up
As IED’s Blow away
The Infantryman’s feet, legs and knees,
The rest of their lives undergoing surgeries,
And hospitalizations,
Ending up in a permanent 
Funky Situation
The price they pay as cannon fodder
For the self proclaimed elite
Who run this nation,


Habib Abu Lateef


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