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We all are aware of spamming in our email. Un-solicited and unwanted email is spamming. Mostly it is advertising without paying and will include a link to a website. Spamming occurs here on PoetryPoem.com too.
PP offers poets free sites to exhibit their work. To meet the cost of providing free sites PP allows advertising on PP and though it is never enough to meet 100% cost, it still helps. Spammers place adverts without paying in your feedback, guestbook or even posting adverts by opening a site. PP tries to prevent this spamming. PP marks spam feedback and guestbook entry and blocks them. I am writing this letter to make you aware of this blocking of spams. Please follow the following guideline to be safe.
1.          Do not unblock the spams in feedback or in guestbook.
2.          Do not include a link in feedback or guestbook as it will look like spamming and will trigger the filter.
3.          If you see a link in your feedback or in guestbook, avoid opening it by either clicking on it or placing it in the URL bar. Same applies to spam in your email to be safe.
4.          Help PP to fight spammers who threaten PP's revenue.

Paid adverts on PP are a necessary evil. It helps you to get free sites but it can distract the readers from concentrating on your poem. You can have the adverts removed from your site but doing so PP would lose money so as compensation to this loss you pay PP but remember that it is just the compensation to offset the loss of revenue and it is not any kind of fee or charge to have your site. IT STILL IS A FREE SITE FOR YOU.
I hope this helps.
Kris ~ Dreamweaver
8th August, 2015.  

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