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Today is the first anniversary since we lost our mother due to her many health complications
with diabetes and her heart issues and also from Alzheimer's disease. I had created her own
poem site here which is, where we put her many poems she had
written back when she was a teenager vacationing in upper Michigan at her grandmother's for
the summer, we took those poems and her other poems written in the 1950's and 1960's when we
were kids and my dad worked on the afternoon shift as a supervisor at his factory and she'd
write her poetry at night after putting all six of us kids to bed for the night. She had met
so many great friends here who she loved and she also had appreciated their own poems here at
their own sites as well. She was inspired then to start writing her own poetry once again in
her last few years after all the positive responses that she had received here. She has been
greatly missed by her six children, her nine grandchildren and her three great grandchildren,
there are way too many of you to name personally here, but you all know who you are and it is
one year today since she passed away at 92 years old, although many people thought that she
was much younger than that. I just wanted to thank all of you for helping to make her last few
years here on Earth very fulfilling and happy years thanks to all of your friendships and so
many of your generous feed backs to her on her own poetry. She'd never thought anyone would
ever see or even read her own poems, but I told her that they were very good and I wanted to
set up her own site here and post all of her poems to share with others here. At first she
had resisted because she didn't think that her poems were any good and no one would want to
read any of them. She was very surprised by all the great feed backs and comments from her
many friends here and once again began writing more poems which I would post for her. So I
just wanted to thank all of you once more for your kindness and friendship you all gave to
my mom and her poetry. Thank You! Terry Sasek - Alwaysawarrior and Terryscorner

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